Dominican Republic

These are the places I have tried and liked on the island.

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Santo Domingo


There are lots of listings in HappyCow, I was really suprised that this city is vegan friendly this much. As I have only spent a few hours here, we have only tried one restaurant, but that was a good one. Later on my camera wa stolen (read the story in my blog) so I don’t have photos, but you can check it here. It is a vegetarian place but with lots of vegan options.


Las Terrenas

I booked an AirBnb here and I was so lucky that they offered us such great, homemade, bio vegan dishes, that we didn’t try anything else until the last day.

The AirBnb is SyLou and it is the actual dream of Sylvie and Louis. They are a French couple, who sold everything and now built a wooden house with open wall in the jungle. It is not that far from the center than it seemes, you can rent a car/scooter/ATV or hop on a motortaxi, but I highly recommend them! They are not vegan, but they came out of their way to serve the best vegan dishes. They have a bio garden, so everything is just perfectly fresh. My article about them is here. If you would like to receive credit on AirBnb, you can sign up through this link.



Casa Azul Pizzeria

It is on the beach, in front of the police station, by the sea. Not the best pizza in my life, but it was lovely to dig my feet into the sand and watching the sea from few meters while maunching on my pizza. (I don’t have a photo).


Las Galeras

Villa Serena is located by the sea with its own, private beach. If you are looking for a peaceful, Victorian style hotel with retreats, than this is the best for you. They have a lovely garden with pool as well, and if you are lucky you can watch the whales from your own balcony (in season). They can make vegan options and they have a raw vegan menu as well, which far the best I have ever tried in my life. You can read my article about them here.



El Valle

In the valley you can find the Dominican Tree House Village. They are vegan friendly, I had the pleasure to cook with them also, you can find some photos here. My article about them is here.



Punta Cana

I lived near to the famous AmaLuna restaurant but never found it opened, and didn’t even answer my phone. So I have tried a Mexican and an Indian ones, both are really good.



The place has good food, you can go there during the day or in the evening.



Indian restaurant with vegan options, the mint sauce is excelent and they serve wine also.



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