How I pack my small backpack

When I was a child and went into a summer camp for 2 weeks by the Lake Balaton, my mum packed me 14 T-shirts to make sure I have one for every day.

A few years earlier I went on a business trip to Warsaw with my colleagues and I was checking in next to my boss, he was terrified that how an Earth can I pack 26 kg-s of clothes for 4 days? But how shall I know on Monday what color mood I will be on Thursday?

I used to travel with huge suitcases, bringing all my pretty clothes and sandals with me. It is easy when you go to hotels and mainly wonder around from the same spot. But then on Mauritius I wanted to go around the island (and I had restrictions on the plane also (, and had to travel with only a small backpack (5 kg-s), I took the challenge and never looked back.

I know that in the era of pretty Instagram photos it sounds terrifying, but it gives so much flexibility and freedom, that for me it is worth it.

After planning my trip about what I want to visit I pile lots of clothes on my bed and imagine myself on the location in them. Than I pull out my backpack and I start to roll my clothes. Rolling seems for me the most efficient way so far, you can fill the „holes” with them. After stuffing my bag hard, like there is no room for a needle, than I put the rest (most) of my clothes back to my wardrobe.

I bring 100 ml of shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste (with the brush) and a soap which is vegan, super natural, blessed by angels and I use it as a face wash and shower „gel”. A travel size toohfloss, a small container of coconut oil, and tea tree oil. 2 painkillers, some supplements, few plasters with Mickey Mouse on them and I am ready.

I travel in a light pair of jeans and few layers of clothes, so I can change them when there are temperature differences or I freeze to death when I sit by the window, my extra clothes are upstairs on the plane and the one sitting next to me is sleeping. I wear a kind of snickers, so that is good also for hiking.

I bring one extra pair of sandals or something else, depends on the location I am going.

There are wide, thin scarfs which can be wore on the plane and also works well as beach towel.

It is worth to pack 1-2 textile bags as you will always have some extra stuff to carry.