Swing kitchen

I took my mum to Wien for her birthday and the restaurant we wanted to visit was not opened so I needed something in the center quickly. We found Swing kitchen and it was a good choice. They have many different burgers, I tried the schnitzel one (what else) and it is very real. I had to stop for a moment to think about if I am in an only vegan restaurant, so this is not a mistake and I am not eating meat. We shared a salad a potato and it was enough.

I had my first vegan tiramisu there and it was just great! I highly recommend this place!




“…the Schillingers successively replaced the traditionally meat-heavy dishes on their menu with their ‘just like meat’ cuisine – quite something for a restaurant established in 1793. From cordon bleu and cutlets to Viennese schnitzel – vegan cuisine should be presented as healthy and delicious, not as dogmatic abstinence! With their unconventional and successful pub restaurant, the Schillingers went on to become the best known pioneers of vegan gastronomy in Austria, proving that a diet free from animal products can be tasty and diverse.

Our 100% vegan products respect life, are gentle on the environment and save resources. Wherever possible, we prefer to use regional and GMO-free products and a proportion of the produce we use is also organic and fair trade. Packaging made from plastic has no place at Swing Kitchen! All our packaging is made from renewable raw materials. It’s CO2 neutral and gets composted by us or utilized in biogas plants.”



Salzgries 9, 1010 Wien

After a great walk in the center, enjoying spring so much we had a great lunch next to the Opera House. It is not only vegan, but healthy as well, I love clean eating, it is so refreshing.

I drink coke once a year, this my 2018 version 🙂