Hello, I am Edit and welcome to my world.

You can follow my vegan journey through travelling and restaurant/product testing. You won’t find top5 beaches or things to visit, I write my adventures like a diary, so it is a story to read, but also I pack it with information you might find usefull and interesting. I love visiting warm regions, but I am not a sitting on the beach type, I love looking around, interacting with locals and enjoy small cultural differences. Oh, almost forgot, I love eating, so you will find lots of food related posts as well 🙂

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I am the owner of veganorigo, a website which is the origo of everything vegan. When I decided to go vegan after 2 years of being vegetarian, I started collecting information, products, places and influencers and decided to turn my knowledge into a blog. As I gathered together all these infos I saw a simple blog is not enough, as there are several already, but I haven’t found any website where you can really find all the information you need, so step by step I created VeganOrigo. I hope you enjoy browsing it as much I enjoyed creating it. It will never be complete as there are new products, restaurants, etc every day, but my aim is to bring as many as possible to you to make the final step turning vegan or giving you all the infos you need to keep it up.

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You can also find me on vegantravel.com,  My articles here are 1, 2, 3.

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